Monday, March 22, 2010

Tennessee State University Student To Celebrate First Book With Book Signing In Campus Bookstore

Tennessee State University graduate student Martez Burks will meet and greet with students, faculty and the public at a book signing commemorating the release of his debut anthology, Memoirs of a Gentleman: The Unspoken Truth, in the campus bookstore, Tuesday, March 24.

In Memoirs of a Gentleman, Burks explores why men and women are completely misunderstood by one another, especially in relationships and dating. Comprised of scenarios centered on the male perspective, each memoir invites critical thinking questions that invite readers to consider the advantages to and challenges of maintaining a healthy relationship.

“I envisioned being able to come back to the University and benefit it in a positive way. This book signing is a dream come true for me. It all began as a thought and now it’s a reality. I’m blessed,” said Burks who is pursuing a master’s degree in clinical psychology.

Burks received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from TSU in Spring 2008.

Memoirs of a Gentleman is available online at,, and
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