Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tennessee State University Department of Nursing to Study Depression amongst Elderly African-Americans

Nashville, Tenn. -Professors in the Department of Nursing at Tennessee State University are looking to study the correlation between diabetes and depression in elderly African-Americans.

Tennessee State University professor Dr. Verla Vaughan, leads the investigation and states that, "Not much data has been collected on elderly African-Americans with diabetes who suffer from depression. We are hoping that through this study we will be able to pinpoint critical high and low points in elderly individuals lives that will onset depression. With this information, doctors and caregivers can offer medicine or interventions during the vital stages." 

Vaughan plans to focus her research on urban communities with higher elderly African-American rates such as North Nashville.

"Our concern is helping the community. TSU is focused on service and those in our community can benefit positively from faculty and student research efforts whereby help can be provided to those in need."

Vaughan hopes that her research on diabetes and depression will be completed in 2010.

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