Friday, February 26, 2010

THINK BIG: Center for Health Research

        Black History Month at Tennessee State University

THINK BIG: Center for Health Research

*Tennessee State University celebrates Black History Month by recognizing individuals or organizations that have made noteworthy contributions to University’s history and are taking the “Think Big, TSU BIG!” approach to their areas of study and expertise while impacting the campus, community and beyond.

Tennessee State University’s Center for Health Research discovered a concerning trend after students and alumni conducted nearly 400 surveys on the local community. Results from the study revealed that many men that are of high-risk age either do not go or do not ask their doctors about cancer related issues. In response, the center developed a social marketing campaign for the public health priority of targeting men to go to the doctor for any reason, not just for cancer screening.

“Treatments and medications are created all the time, but it doesn’t make a difference if people aren’t aware of them. The important thing for cancer is detecting it early so that there will be a better outcome,” explained Dr. Pamela Hull, Acting Director for the Center for Health Research at TSU.

According to the Tennessee Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan, cancer claims tens of thousands of lives each year in the state alone. Having teamed up with Meharry/Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Partnership and the Tennessee Cancer Control Coalition, the center works to develop community outreach and prevention strategies to reduce cancer disparities among minorities. One of the center’s top priorities is to maintain long-standing and active relationship with the local African American and Hispanic community in addressing its health-related needs.

Established by Dr. Baqar Husaini in 1976, the Center for Health Research at Tennessee State University has played a major part in examining cancer in the state and local communities in hopes of raising awareness. 

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